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We believe cabling infrastructure is the core system for you commercial building, whether it is an office, industrial building, retail or an apartment build. It is the critical component of your entire network and what everything operates on including Data for Computers, Internet, Wifi, Phones, Surveillance, Access Control, and Audio Video Systems.


When providing consulting and planning, design, installation, integration

and maintenance of your infrastructure, we create a system that is designed

to provide a positive impact on your daily operations and contribute to your

companies efficiency and success.


Infinite Technologies Infrastructure department does the majority of cable

installations for all of the systems that we provide. Using detailed

specifications and system design drawings from our dedicated Engineering

group, our network cable technicians are able to efficiently and expediently lay the

base cable foundation.  Our certified technicians then complete the final system requirements.


Because Infinite Technologies has the ability to handle entire

installation projects from design to completion, Infinite Technologies

offers personalized  project management, more accountability

and less confusion by needing to hire a third party installation company.


Whether building a new location or upgrading your existing infrastructure, Infinite Technologies is the one company you'll need to call on for your network cabling projects


The Engineering department is the backbone of our company. Every successful network and IT installation starts with a strategic plan of action.

We have the ability to incorporate design flexibility to ensure we meet your highest expectations. Whether restricted by budget or physical design constraints, we strive to implement our solutions in a user-friendly manner that allows you to competently and confidently navigate your finished system. Our installation projects are designed to help you advance your business goals.

Our BICSI Consultant and Designers have the knowledge, and tools to provide a value-engineered design up front. We are organized, innovative, and flexible enough to implement your project and project changes as quickly and smoothly as possible, with minimal interruptions to your daily operations. We have the resources and experience to guarantee your project is designed to meet all of your network and budget requirements.

Data Centers

Fiber / Copper Backbone Systems

Underground Conduit Systems

Network Systems

Cooling Systems

UPS Power Systems

Audio Visual Solutions

All of your sites will receive high-quality design, consistent workmanship, and proven equipment.

Comprehensive solutions for all infrastructure types.

Worry-free, multi-site, multi-scope project management.

Cable system management, thorough documentation, CAD, BIM, and RIVET design.

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