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What we Do....

Infinite Technologies is a Commercial I.T. Low Voltage Cable Contractor specializing in Structured Cabling and providing Consulting and Design expertise to assist you in building the Server and Cabling System that is exactly right for your companies needs.

We specialize in I.T. and Network Server Infrastructures


  1. Extensive I.T. and Commercial Construction Consulting and Design

  2. Completely in house Server Room, Cable Management and Horizontal Cable Installation

  3. System Connection and Integration based on the Clients equipment needs.

  4. Continued Service & Maintenance

From the initial consultation meetings, Infinite Technologies works 

hand in hand with our clients and their architects and technology

teams to develop the exact BICSI specifications needed to bring

to life the plans and conceptions your company needs to succeed.

By working along side your companies IT Directors and Developers, we assist in providing the highest industry standards not only to meet the strict needs of todays high level data and communication systems, but to surpass the standard level of guidance and specifications and provide a system that meets all of BICSI and other industry guidelines and requirements.

Data Centers
Server Room Construction
Multi Family Condominiums & Apartments
Commercial Office Buildings
Retail Tenant Improvements
City and Municipalities
Military Bases

Once a plan of action has been agreed upon through concise consultation meetings, and the design is in place, our own skilled technical installation team steps in to build the system exactly to plan.

Industries we Service

Warehouses and Distribution Facilities
Hospitals and Health Care Centers
Multi Family Apartments and Condos
Retail Stores & Shopping Centers

What is Low Voltage Wiring Used for?



With today's technology needs, practically everything we do on a day to day basis depends on Low Voltage Cabling by a Low Voltage Contractor. Low Voltage wiring is utilized for a wide range of applications and in almost any type of building.


Some of the most common applications for low voltage systems would be:

                                                        Telephones. Telephone outlets are still a vital part of any business                                                              and are used in multi-phone systems as well as computer networks.                                                          In many cases, the wiring comes in the form of fiber optics,                                                                        Ethernet, or Wi-Fi setups.

                                                        Wi-Fi. These days almost every device in your office has some type                                                          of Wi-Fi capability. Low voltage wiring is used to set up entire Wi-Fi                                                            networks.

                         Data Cable. The need for cable in commercial structures is greater than it has ever                                 been With more and more businesses utilizing video and audio equipment as well as                               subscribing to cable programming, low voltage cable is both valuable and cost-                                       effective to install and use. Before you install cable into your building it is important that                           you have a good understanding of where all the audio and visual equipment will be                                 placed in your building.

Security and Surveillance. Low voltage wiring is crucial for mapping out a security or surveillance roadmap. For instance, wiring will be channeled to areas where video cameras, movement sensors, and alarms are implemented.

Access Control & Intrusion. Planning and installation of the proper cabling for security access control systems is an item that is overlooked but is crucial in the planning and infrastructure stage of construction. 

Once  in Place

Once the Cabling Infrastructure is in place, we then offer many services and products to allow our clients to build a custom system based on their particular needs.


Whether it's Surveillance & CCTV


or Access Control

For more Detailed CCTV, Surveillance and Access Control information, contact our office for a free .


Cellular Signal Boosting Solutions

We also offer high quality Commercial Audio Video systems such as Video Walls, Digital Signage, Conference Room Construction, as well as Television and Sound Systems.

Certified DIRECTV Dealer / Custom Installers

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Some of Our Clients...

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